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Post Op Recovery

Many patients get a professional caregiver to care for themselves during the initial days of post-op because their physical condition can often prevent them from performing normal activities.

Your doctor may also require you to have someone with you during the initial phase of your recovery, as they know that no energy should be spent on activities that could interfere with recovery. In addition, you may feel disoriented, dazed and “woozy” due to the anaesthesia and medications (such as painkillers) that may be administered. As a result, your coordination may be limited and you may have trouble standing, walking, focusing on normal tasks, and perhaps even worsening post-operative symptoms such as swelling and bruising.

For these reasons, having a professional caregiver, who can assist you in performing all of your necessary daily activities, can be a great benefit while you are healing. Imagine recovering better and faster with the peace of mind of knowing you are safe in the comfort of home.