Elderly & dementia care

Elderly care

Elderly care at Amber Home CarersAt Amber Carers we offer elderly care at home; support for those who wish to stay at home, but require some additional support. With a team of expert carers, we offer professional and caring support that allows us to become a part of the extended family. Working in tandem with your schedule we help fill the gaps, offering compassionate care that ensures your loved one feels loved, supported and cared for, despite their circumstances. Having experienced a wide range of situations, we are able to offer expert and discrete help that allows your loved one to live with dignity and pride in their own home.

Dementia care

Dementia Care at Amber Home CarersCaring for an individual with dementia can be a challenging and a very involved process. Not only is the individual having to redefine their routine and way of life, but it often means watching your loved one start to forget people, objects and places; a difficult event for anyone. At Amber Home Carers we have a team of carers who are specialised in caring for those suffering with dementia. Our carers act with patience and compassion to make sure your loved one feels comfortable and secure in their own home. Not only that, but with specialist training, our carers are able to help create tailored mechanisms and solutions targeted for an individual suffering with dementia. This includes visual planners, which can act as useful memory triggers, as well as simple planners for daily activities. Added to this, we can also create flashcards to identify rooms and potential hazards around their home as well as life-story work.