Live-in & complex care

Live-in care

Live-In Care at Amber Home CarersLive-in care can often prove to be the best option for an individual who wishes to remain at home, but needs personalised and intensive care. Offering your loved one constant care and companionship, alongside personal and continence care, support with medication or help with restricted mobility. It not only means that you can feel confident that your loved one is having their physical feeds met, it also means that their home is maintained, which can often be a challenge to someone with reduced mobility. Allowing them to live with dignity, they will also receive nutritious meals in line with their personal tastes and dietary needs, and quite possibly the most important aspect of this service, is the constant and reliable companionship. This is because one of the most common problems we see is a sense of loneliness and isolation in individuals who simply cannot get out of the house, so a live-in carer means you can feel comforted that your loved one feels utterly supported.

Complex care

Complex Care at Amber Home CarersNursing care for more complex needs is often required for people who need intensive rehabilitative care, require peg feeding, have a physical disability, or are suffering from long-term conditions. By creating a care plan, our specialsied nurses mean your loved one can remain at home whilst still receiving the medical care that is crucial to their recovery and ability to thrive. Through carrying out a thorough assessment of your loved one’s needs, we are able to choose a registered nurse with the right experience to really make a difference in the life of your loved one. Offering a wide range of services that can help improve the standard of living for any individual who is suffering, our nurses are not only highly trained and skilled, they are also empathetic and supportive, and work around the clock to offer genuine support in.