Mental health & learning support

Mental health support

Mental Care at Amber Home CarersCaring for someone with mental health challenges can be extremely demanding and tiring. Even if they currently live with some form of family or community, they may well need additional support to ensure all their needs are met. Often, what we see with patients who are suffering from a mental health illness, is that their mood can change rapidly and a different day will require an entirely different approach to care. All of our carers are trained and experienced in forging genuine connections, despite even the trickiest odds, and in quickly adapting their approach to ensure that the needs of your loved one are taken care of. From ensuring that their basic hygiene standards are met, all the way through to their nutritional requirements, our mental health support team is on hand to ensure that your loved one is discretely and fully cared for and supported.


Learning supports

Learning Needs at Amber Home CarersIndividuals with learning needs are often misunderstood and may find everyday activities extremely frustrating and difficult. More often than not, their care falls to members of the extended family who are not trained to their specific requirements, and may feel overwhelmed and overworked. That being said, you may well want to keep your loved one at home and allow them to live alongside their family and in a warm and comforting environment. However, it can be tremendously difficult to care for them on your own, and so our expert team can be brought in to offer a flexible service, built around your needs and daily routines. With experts in the field of learning needs, and a deep understanding of the requirements of an individual with learning needs, we will provide a carer who can help your loved one feel supported whilst you can feel comforted that their nutritional and hygiene requirements are met.