Night Care

Night care

Night care at Amber Home CarersNight care is particularly important for those individuals who are nervous to stay at home by themselves, or, quite simply, cannot be left alone at night. One of the most common obstacles to remaining at home; it can have a significant effect on the emotional wellbeing of your loved one if, instead of having to leave their home, they are able to stay at home whilst feeling constantly comforted and supported. Not only does this offer a form of companionship, it can also mean that a loved one is physically supported – aiding an individual to go to the toilet, administer medication, or simply moving in bed. A night care carer can also help support an individual who is suffering from a progressive condition, such as dementia or Parkinson’s disease. Patients with these conditions may be losing their mental or physical faculties and become easily disorientated. We offer a range of options for night care to suite your loved one. This includes a sleep-in carer service, a waking-carer service, as well as a sitting service. Fully flexible and moulded to your needs, our service is built around the requirements of your loved one to make sure they feel fully comfortable in their own home.